It’s important to us that our wedding welcome and celebrate the family, friends and communities who enrich to our lives. We especially want to acknowledge folks who have contributed time, creativity, and love to this event.

First and foremost, our parents have helped out tremendously!

Melissa’s sister Marianne was our costume consultant and general support elf.


Our officiant was Alexis Lothian, PhD in queer futurities.

Ra Criscitiello provided our ceremony music on banjo.


Maria Alvarez created our hair installations.


Mariana and Alex helped make time travel tropes cards happen, assembled the luggage tag favors, and staged the escort card table!


Hunter and Hans cooked and carried in a delectable dinner for about 20 of us on Thursday night.


Becka and Alice were kidnapped by Melissa at the airport and pressed into service photocopying zines!

Becka, Alice, and Kayla spent most of Friday on their laptops putting together the vidshow playlist — it would not have happened without their help.


Julie’s cousin Eli (of Soul Clap) recruited our amazing DJ and was MC for the reception.


Many other friends let us recruit them on the spot to help out with details, set up, and errands throughout the weekend.


Lynne, Eden and Ava Joyrich created an ACTUAL TIME MACHINE for us!

time machine

(seen in graphics on our passport flyers + wine labels, and in person at the ceremony)

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