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August 9th, 2013

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I have to stop the email updates when I edit posts — sorry about that! The new information is the schedule of shuttle vans between the Best Western Seacliff in Aptos and Pema Osel Ling:

Friday 8/23
11:00am – Seacliff to POL (lunch shuttle)
5:00pm – Seacliff to POL (dinner shuttle)
9:30pm – POL to Seacliff
10:30pm – POL to Seacliff

Saturday 8/24
10:00am – Seacliff to POL (brunch shuttle)
2:00pm – POL to Seacliff (if you want to go back to the hotel for an hour to change)
2:30pm – Seacliff to POL (wedding shuttle #1)
3:30pm – Seacliff to POL (wedding shuttle #2)
9pm – POL to Seacliff
10pm – POL to Seacliff
11pm – POL to Seacliff

Sunday 8/24
10:00am – Seacliff to POL (brunch shuttle)
10:30am – POL to Seacliff (departure shuttle #1)
11:30am – POL to Seacliff (departure shuttle #2)

We have arranged one shuttle to San Jose airport at noon on Sunday — please let us know if you’re interested in that ride, or if you need other info or advice about getting to and from an airport. The Santa Cruz Flyer is a good bet for booking your own airport shuttle (the Aptos stop is the Seacliff Inn). We’re excited to see you soon!

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